Relativity: Software Engineering Internship

During the summer of 2020, I completed a software engineering internship with Relativity in Chicago, an eDiscovery company. Essentially, if you're a lawyer in corporate, and you have a case on your hands with millions of email documents, Relativity allows you to enter your entire corpus of emails into the software. The software then outputs automated analysis of these documents, providing information such as metadata about senders, files contained, speech patterns, etc.

The project that I took ownership of was displaying the results of the Email Threading operation in an efficient and appealing manner. This involved retrieving the metadata about an email threading operation, which outputted variables such as email conversations, files contained in each email, action of each email (send, reply, etc.), and information about the sender. After retrieving these variables, I had to create the display field you see above, as well as define the action that took place when this field was clicked on. When clicking on this field, a newly redesigned pane opened up to the right of the web window, displaying more information about this email, such as its contents, and the specific thread that it came from.

Taking ownership of this product from start to finish was very satisfying and rewarding, and I was able to present my work to the entire engineering team and see my code go out into production software. If you're interested in the specifics of this feature, take a look at the documentation here!