Other Projects I've Worked On

During the Spring 2021 semester, I worked as a TA for 15-213 (20 hrs/week). Here, I coordinated recitation preparation amongst a group of 4 TAs, and I also held two recitation sections, teaching a total of 11 students for the semester. I held 4 hours of office hours per week, working closely with students to help clarify any conceptual issues and debug their code using GDB, a C-designated debugger. For each assignment, I also provided code reviews to each student, preparing them for what it's like to code in the real world. These focused on topics such as style, modularity, and comments.

During HackChicago 2018, my partner and I developed a web application to inform young voters about the congressional candidates in the local election that fall. We figured that people in our generation were oblivious to the positions that these candidates took, and we wanted to create a one-stop experience for them to learn everything they need. The intuitive design won us the Best User Experience/User Interface award!

You can view our code here!