Northwestern University: Research Assistant

From Fall 2017 to Spring 2019, I was a research assistant at the Northwestern University technology institute, where I worked closely with Professor Randall Berry to develop a model that accurately predicted optimal pricing strategies for wireless service providers. This project involved the use of game theory topics such as Nash Equilibrium, and was coded in Python.

The idea of the project was that if a wireless service provider released their product at a lower price than the competitor, then more users would flock towards the cheaper company. However, this would cause congestion on the network. As a result of this, the bandwidth per user would decrease, and satisfaction would go down. This would cause users to go back to the slightly more expensive network, just for the lower congestion. However, this move would eventually cause congestion on the expensive company's network. This cycle would repeat until an equilibrium is reached. My goal was to model this, and come up with the correct prices for competitors to release at, such that customer satisfaction is maximized, while still keeping profits in mind.

At the end of my two-year project, I published a paper in the WITS Conference, linked here.