FIRST Robotics Competition: Design Captain

During my high school career, I spent my time as the design captain of FRC Team 2022: Titan Robotics. Here, I worked with SolidWorks to CAD our robot, as well as working closely with the programming team in order to define the code structure of our robot. We are proud recipents of the Design Quality Award at the Milwaukee Regional in 2019. You can watch a highlight video of our robot above.

The main parts of the robot that I worked on were the arm and our grabber. The goal of the game was to transport game pieces such as velcro-lined discs and large kickballs up to various levels of a rocket, effectively "refuelling" it. We needed to therefore be able to pick up these game pieces and transport them to variable heights. The two-linkage arm with a shoulder and a wrist is able to move to any height on the playing field, and the end effector is able to pick up both hatch panels (disks) and cargo balls (kickballs) because of its dual functionality. These were designed in SolidWorks. Above, you can see a render of our entire robot in SolidWorks. I am very proud of it!

During my junior and senior years, I acted as a member of the drive team. We were the group of people who actually controlled the robot on the field. This was a great experience for me, as I could actually see my work in the lab come to life.